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Dr. Flynn’s unique background of both law and psychology make him the right choice to provide the legal support you need.

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Dr. Michael Flynn is honored to be the only Attorney in Tarrant County, Texas who is also a licensed Clinical Psychologist. In addition to the practice of law, his experience and expertise as a forensic psychologist allow him to offer unique and creative services to individuals as well as to other attorneys.

Dr. Flynn has chosen to limit the size of his practice so he may best serve clients who need his particular expertise. To you, this means that your case receives individual and focused attention, based in the targeted experience and expertise that energizes Dr. Flynn’s work. It means that when you call, Dr. Flynn is likely to answer the phone – or return your call if he is not there. You will know when you see a bill that you are paying for Dr. Flynn’s time, not his overhead. You will be a “person” to Dr. Flynn, not a “case.”

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Dr. Michael Flynn began his career in private practice in 1980 after earning a doctorate in clinical psychology. Lawyers and courts throughout North Texas have appointed him to conduct hundreds of psychological evaluations, primarily in matters of disputed custody. Increasingly, North Texas attorneys sought Dr. Flynn’s services for consultation in their disputed cases and as an expert witness with a reputation for integrity, insight, and professional expertise. As his work became increasingly focused on court-related matters, he decided to study law formally, and he added a law degree to his credentials.