Continuing Education and Speaking Engagements

Dr. Flynn offers continuing education opportunities to licensed professionals. His ethics presentation, An Ounce of Prevention, is offered nationally through Cross-Country Education.

Locally, Dr. Flynn accepts speaking engagements for professional groups and he has presented to the Texas Center for the Judiciary as well as to many local professional organizations.

Presentations (partial listing)

What to do when the Kids Won’t Go: Parental Alienation in family law; Sponsored by the Texas Center for the Judiciary; 2009. (A paper for the bench)

An Ounce of Prevention: Mental Health Ethics and the Law; Cross-Country Education; Nashville, TN; (A 6-hour Continuing Education program in ethics and law)

Daubert Challenges: How can you be sure your testimony is admissible? 2001. A three-hour presentation for the Texas Psychological Association. Presented in association with the Honorable John Narsutis, and Dr. Leon Peek

Symposium in Legal Issues and Concerns for Psychologists; 2012. A presentation for the Texas Psychological Association in association with Kenda Dalrymple.

Parental Alienation; Managing PAS in your family law cases; 2010. A paper sponsored by the Tarrant County Family Law Bar Association.

Mental Health Risk Management; 2009. A presentation sponsored by the counseling department at Tarrant County College

Mental Health Law and Ethics: presentations of various legal and professional practice topics sponsored by the Dallas Psychological Association, Collin County College, Fort Worth Area Psychological Association, the Denton Area Psychotherapists Association, and the Fort Worth Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.

Science Answers Evolution; 2012. A presentation sponsored by Pantego Bible Church.