Sharks, Bulldogs and Family Law Matters: Divorces, Child Support, Child Custody Issues

If you need to get a divorce, or you need to modify the orders that are in place – custody or child support, for example – call Dr. Flynn.

If you have a child, but you are not getting child support, let me help.

If you are a parent but you are not getting visitation, I may be able to help.

You hear a lot of talk about Sharks and Bulldog lawyers. Sharks and bulldogs are over-rated, particularly in family law matters. There is a reason why it is called Family Law. You have been a family for some time, already. Now, even though you are getting a divorce, you will still be a family. Your family is about to change, but you will still be a family, nevertheless. You are probably not getting along that well, now, and chewing on and posturing at one another for the next two years – or the next twenty-two years – will not make anything better. You don’t need a lawyer who encourages anger and bitterness.

A divorce – even a pretty simple divorce – can take from several months to as much as a year. The more conflict the lawyers generate by what they do, the longer your divorce will take and the more it will cost. Bulldogs and sharks increase the cost of litigation, not only the dollar cost, of course, but also the emotional cost.

The law is pretty clear about who gets what property, and the law will protect both parents’ rights and obligations to and about your children. Lawyers can rant and rave, but ranting won’t change the outcome. The best idea is for you to work things out calmly with one another. Posturing and threatening by lawyers may make good television, but it doesn’t make for good outcomes. You need a lawyer who can work with you to forge an agreement that preserves your rights and your children’s rights to a good future.

You don’t need someone who likes to yell at others. You need a negotiator. You need someone with patience. You need someone who understands what will happen next, and who will be ready when it does. You need someone who will take the time to study your situation and work hard to apply the law to get your divorce finished as soon as possible and with the least amount of wear and tear on you – and on your children. A good lawyer listens and learns what you need and what you want. A good lawyer explains things to you in terms you can understand. A good lawyer works hard to keep you from being surprised. A good lawyer keeps a clear head and a steady hand when you can’t. If you want someone who will keep his head in the middle of the crisis, that is what I do. If you want someone who will help you understand what the law says about your property and your children, I will help.