Let Dr. Flynn help you respond effectively to licensing board complaints and disgruntled clients.

At some point in your career, you may be one of the unlucky few mental health professionals who are called to answer a complaint with the Behavioral Health Executive Council. A complaint can be scary. When a client complains about you to the Board, you have a lot at stake, and a complaint is a legal dispute not a mental health question. While he practiced in his own office, Dr. Flynn had personal experience responding to licensing board investigations. He knows what you are going through because he has been there.

Don’t answer a complaint, yourself. The investigation is a legal matter, not a mental health matter. You practice counseling. You should not spend your time dealing with your licensing board. There are several steps entailed in resolving an investigation, and starting your response correctly is crucial to its final outcome. You can call on Dr. Flynn to know the correct answers to those often-threatening questions – and lawyers.

More important, in most cases your malpractice insurance company will pay a lawyer to help you answer the complaint. You choose your lawyer; your malpractice insurance pays. If Dr. Flynn can’t help you, himself, he knows lawyers around Texas who can. Call Dr. Flynn and let him work with you to limit the damage to your practice, your reputation, and your pocketbook.